Kindly close the door behind you

Keep your tears within

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           Come so

         Naturally to

         You, while I

        Must struggle

       Against my own


          Self opinion.


-I am insignificance-

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I hate every Hair,

Every millimetre of skin,

Every Cell that makes every organ,

Every Nuceleus,

Every strand of DNA,

Every Amino Acid and base code,

Every Atom,

Every electron, proton and neutron,

Every Characteristic I’ve developed,

Every movement I make,

But most of all I hate every Breath I take and the fact I am living life in this hell of a body.

signed ~I-am-insignifigance~

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Encouraging Karma

So many time I tried,

So many times you didnt noticed,

And that hurt me,

He’s did nothing,

Then everything,

He didnt notice,

Then he did and everything was 'perfect' ,

I was there,

But still you didn’t notice,

I just drifted back into the corner,

I watched him hurt you

And watched you cry,

Why would I help?

Thats Karma , live with it

signed ~I-am-insignificance~

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